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Climate neutral,

justified and sustainable

H2 transition

The project maps the current situation of the hydrogen transition in Finland and the system-level bottlenecks associated with it. Alongside this, the environmental, technical-economic and social effects of the hydrogen transition are examined. The points of convergence of the hydrogen transition with the bio- and circular

economy are evaluated from the perspectives of resource use and sufficiency. Answers and alternatives are sought for these themes, which strengthen the flexibility, resilience and fairness of solutions in our society.

3 key focus areas


Energy production

The project will investigate how to produce hydrogen from renewable energy sources in a way that is efficient and sustainable.


Societal effects
The project will examine the social and economic impacts of the hydrogen transition, including its effects on employment, climate change, and equity.


Systemic and technological

The project will identify and address the systemic and technological challenges that are hindering the adoption of hydrogen technologies.

Expected value outcomes

scott-graham-OQMZwNd3ThU-unsplash (1).jpg

Recommendations for

How to support a just and sustainable transition to a hydrogen-based economy.


Science-based knowledge
To support the development of new
hydrogen technologies and their adoption 
by industry.


Increased awareness

Acceptance of the hydrogen transition among the general public

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